About The Artist

Ilisa Millermoon is an intuitive energy artist. When she places acrylic ink on a piece of paper, she has no preconceived notion of what the work will turn out to be. Instead, she invites the ink to dance with her, to go where it may. The results are astounding, and Ilisa loves sharing her joy, experience, and energy with others.

A prolific creator, Ilisa paints 100 to 200 pieces per year. Over her lifetime, she has accumulated more than 2000 works of art. She rarely names individual paintings, preferring instead to allow those who view her work to use their own imaginations to supply the title and context.

Mission Statement: Celebrating the Strength, Passion and Divinity
of Women through Color.

Prints can be purchased at http://ilisa-millermoon.fineartamerica.com


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